Textual Commentaries
On Individual Books of the Bible

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PO Notes on the Song of Solomon

These notes on the Song of Solomon are the result of considerable research and are oriented toward the Harvest Message, as proclaimed by Charles T. Russell. It is largely a verse by verse commentary with an appendix of symbols, compiled by Anton C. Frey, a faithful student of Scripture.
74 Pages
Binding = PB
BA Zechariah
By Albert O. Hudson
PDF updated May 2007 Free
NL Hebrews (Our Diary of Our Studies)

This book has extensive commentary on each verse of Hebrews. Additionally, there is provided a complete interpretive-reading paraphrase of the text.
(8.5" x 11")
PO Notes on the Revelation of Jesus Christ
These notes, in a sense, are a compilation of all that C.T. Russell wrote on the subject. Where C.T. Russell has given no specific thought, Anton Frey has endeavored to fill the gaps with what seemed to him to be harmonious.
252 Pages
Binding = HB
NL A Primer & Guide for the Study of Revelation
This soft folder introduction supplies cues to aid a successful study of Revelation. It is now incorporated into the Revelation Notebook but is also available separately. $1.00+postage


The Revelation  Notebook


This is the first bound edition of our previously loose-leaf study.  This 492 page paperback (8.5 x 11) completely examines each verse of Revelation.  Appendices supply studies on words, phrases, and various questions.


492 pages

8.5 x 11

NL Revelation Simplified
(Relatively Speaking)

A complete but non-threatening approach to Revelation for brethren and for the serious public.
220 Pages
NL Revelation: Parallel Comments for Bible Students

This 86 page perfect bound book contains the Revelation text on the left with brief explanatory notes for each verse on the right.  Meant for quick reference rather than for study, this book summarizes the content of the big REVELATION NOTEBOOK. $12.00+postage
86 pages

The Beast and His Image
By Chester A. Sundbom

PDF updated October 2005



Revelation Chapters 6-11
By Chester A. Sundbom

PDF updated October 2005


NL Big Lessons from Little Books
Ecclesia studies into Philemon, II John, III John, and Jude (the one-chapter epistles) are summarized in this book. Unlike larger epistles, these “little books” focus mostly on one subject for our consideration. They are often regrettably overlooked, and we miss their important instruction for us. For ecclesias which wish to study something short but important in addition to their STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES series studies, these “little books” provide wonderful opportunities for serious expansion of our understanding and growth in character. $3.00+postage
NL Paul to the Romans
This intensive 368 page study on Romans is the product of an ecclesia study. It presents this great doctrinal book in great detail as well as with sweeping overviews which allow us to see the directions of the Apostle’s reasoning. $6.00+postage
368 Pages
NL Jesus' Parables in Context
Jesus’ parables are covered well in the  harvest message.  This book puts them all under one cover; it discusses the importance of their contexts; and it gives answers for those which have had some uncertainties in their interpretation (such as the Penny Parable).  $6.50+postage
350 pages
NL "The Time is at Hand" -A Treasure Revisited-
Update and peripheral Studies in Volume Two of "Studies in the Scriptures" $3.50+postage
149 pages
NL Daniel An Appreciation In Recognition of the Centennial of the 1914 End of "The Times of the Gentiles" $5.00+postage
224 pages


Textual Commentaries
On the Tabernacle

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Notes on the Passover and the Memorial


Prepared by Anton C. Frey for his own personal studies and assembled for publication before his death. The bulk of material is quoted from other sources, specially from Charles T. Russell.


32 Pages


Notes on the Tabernacle


This is a depthful examination of all the tabernacle symbolism and its New Testament relationships.


758 Pages


Our Wilderness Wanderings


Having concentrated much of his studies on matters concerning the Tabernacle of Israel, Anton Frey also delved deeply into the conditions of Israel during the time of the Tabernacle's use. This resulted in a lengthy series of discourses on Israel's "Wilderness Wanderings."


43 Pages


Textual Commentaries
On the Whole Bible

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Expanded Biblical Comments


This is an invaluable Biblical commentary on both the Old and new Testaments gleaned from the writings of Pastor Charles Russell.
933 Pages Hard Bound


Notes from the Bible of John A. Meggison

Taken from the marginal notes of John Meggison, an old time Bible Student, this commentary covers every book of the Bible.
688 Pages
Hard Bound
PO Thy Word Is Truth

This is a reprinting of three books originally printed in 1905-1908 as handy references for colporteurs and Bible Students. The first is topically arranged with Scriptures and quotes from the Harvest Message. The second is a compilation of Scriptures by topic published by J.A. Bohnet. The third is questions with Scriptural answers published by A.B. Dabney.  Contains 10 tables, charts and diagrams.  
240 Pages
Hard Bound